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128Casino believes that gambling is a personal choice. Ensure that the decision to gamble is one that you personally made. Establish what constitutes an acceptable loss before starting to gamble.

Never ever gamble if:

  • You are not of the legal gambling age in your jurisdiction.
  • It distracts you from doing your work or fulfilling responsibilities.
  • You are recovering from addictive disorders or dependencies.
  • You are under the influence of alcohol or other substances.
  • You are attempting to make up for prior gambling losses.
If gambling is a habit beyond your control and is not something you want to do but rather something you need to do, we advise you to seek immediate professional help.

Many people view gambling as something recreational – a fun and harmless way to spend some leisure time and escape the monotony of everyday life. However, there is a small minority for whom gambling has become troublesome. Compulsive and addicted gamblers have tarnished the positive image and good name of fair online and land-based gaming. Like their land-based counterparts, the staff at 128Casino have received training to spot and identify the signs of problem gambling in its players. Our goal is to provide a comfortable gaming environment that everyone can fully enjoy. At the same time, we also aim to help those in need of our assistance. 128Casino believes in being socially conscientious for the benefit of all players and for society in general.

Gamblers Anonymous is a popular organization that assists people with gambling addiction. They are a fellowship of men and women with one common trait, the desire to stop gambling compulsively. They pool their experiences, strengths, and hope to overcome their addictions. If you or someone you care about needs their help, please feel free to contact them at: www.gamblersanonymous.org.

Responsible Gambling

In case you suspect you might have a gambling issue, we advise you to read carefully the text below.

Knowing how to gamble creates an unstoppable desire to continuously gamble. Being addicted to gambling posits a lot of serious problems to an individual.

Causes of Problem Gambling

A lot of studies have already been conducted but it is still very hard to find the reasons why many people are addicted to gambling. The personal characteristics of the player play a crucial role why he or she loves to gamble. Even the financial status of the individual can be the reason behind the act of gambling.

Many say that money is just the reason why people love gambling. However, this assumption is not always true. The desperation to win a lump sum of money is not just the reason why many are compulsive gamblers. But it is true that most but not all gamblers are motivated by their financial problems. The gamblers think that it is just rational to gamble because there is more money in gambling. Unfortunately, gambling can also make the lives of gamblers worse.

Another reason why people gamble is just because they want to escape their depressing situations. Having fun through gambling seems like a defensive mechanism to these people. Their emotions become stable through the excitement that they get from gambling.

If you know someone who gambles, you must know the signs that can indicate whether a person already has a gambling problem. Below are the list of the common signs that a person has a gambling problem.
  1. He/she spends a lot of money and time gambling.
  2. He/she doesn't want to stop gambling.
  3. He/she will definitely demand for more money.
  4. He/she will surely lie about his gambling activities.
  5. He/she will surely get new credit cards, loans and unpaid bills.
  6. Many debt collectors will surely chase him because of his/her many unpaid loans.

If you ever see these signs on your neighbor, friend, schoolmate and family members, then it is highly recommended that you immediately do certain measures to alleviate their gambling problem. Their gambling problem will not only cause financial burden but also physical and emotional stress. In order for him to solve the gambling problem, remember to remain on his side. You must support him and tell him that he needs to build up himself and gain strength to solve the gambling issue. And if possible, seek professional help so that you will be more guided on how to solve the gambling problem.

On the other hand, if you are the one gambling then you must assess yourself and determine if you also have a gambling problem. Below is the list of the signs that you should watch for in order to determine if you have a gambling problem.
  1. You always want to gamble and you think of gambling frequently.
  2. You are angry and stressed if you cannot gamble.
  3. You forget about your problems when you gamble.
  4. You spend almost all your money in gambling.
  5. You don't want anyone to know your gambling activities.
  6. You borrow money just to gamble.

Thus, gambling problem is a very serious problem that you must not neglect. If you feel that you have gambling problem, it is advisable that you seek professional help in order to quickly solve the gambling problem.

Here you can find some help in case you need a consultation or an advice:
Gamblers Anonymous – www.gamblersanonymous.org
The organization has members from all over the world and helps people with compulsive gambling behaviour to share their experience.

National Council of Problem Gambling – www.ncpgambling.org
The organization is based in the U.S. and is engaged into making more people realize the seriousness of gambling addiction and help compulsive gamblers.

Gamcare – www.gamcare.org.uk
This organization is based in the U.K. and offers counselling and support for current and ex problem gamblers and their families.