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With a firm footing in the international sports betting industry and as a household name in the Asia Pacific region, agent I Sports (now known as MAXBET), is quite simply put, a wise and reliable bookmaker that you can put your trust in. After all, hundreds of thousands of other sports betting enthusiasts have chosen and stuck by I Sports, with fantastic results and high levels of satisfaction. As a legit and verified I Sports agent, 128Casino aims to deliver copious amounts of fun and excitement to those who are actively involved in the sports betting Malaysia arena and the best part is, registering for an official player’s account on 128Casino is entirely free! With over 6,000 live matches taking place every month and with billions of dollars processed monthly by I Sports, there is no doubt that I Sports is a leading bookmaker in the region and has earned its place as one of the top choices in the online sports betting business. 128Casino, a trusted and authorized I Sports agent, now offers you the chance to benefit and profit from all the exciting opportunities that I Sports has to offer, so don’t miss out!